RH NEG: Its Amazing what we are NOT taught! That goes for everyone, but especially RH negs

“WE” are NOT Taught to KNOW just how different we ARE!
by RH-bloodspot

This is a great post from someone on the other network:
Here is some information about the HLA-B27 genetic marker that runs positive in my family for generations. This explains the reasoning for testing both the RH- Status of your blood and the HLA-B27 Genetic Marker if you have Undiagnosed Pain or Joint Issues or have an Autoimmune Disease.  (VN:  I find this to be an incredible find.... my mom was full RH neg and she had crippling arthritis,    
but we cured it by her using potent alfalfa plus and eating fully organic and very little meat.  Ok with eggs, cheeses, and fish, but very little meat.  Her twisted hands straightened out and mine began healing as well,  it also explains how the powers that be were able to do Morgellons and target it to the RH negs, but then they said they would do that in their pax americana paper by the neocons back in 1998, I believe.  They said they would do bioweapons  by "genotype" and that could mean RH negs by .... Cheney's group of insane mindless neocon/neolib perverted satanic robots).

Ankylosing Spondylitis and Rheumatoid Arthritis are just two of many autoimmune disease that may be more prevalent to those people who are tested positive for a genetic marker called HLA-B27 and which tend to lap over each other making for hard diagnosing of the conditions.

My theory that the Rh-Negative & Recessive Blood Factors are associated with HLA-B27 positive genetic marker readings, is based on the research that 85+% of individuals diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis or “AS”; happen to test positive for the HLA-B27 genetic marker, which is said to be had by only about 8% of the population or less, based on geographical location. I saw a connection because the blood type O- also appears in about 7% of the population and again that percentage varies by the geographical location of the population. After researching this connection and family history, I felt confidant enough to lay out my theory for my mothers’ doctors, they listened and tested her for the genetic marker and it came back positive, as did mine, my children’s and my grandmother’s. Again this is a genetic marker that supposedly only 8% of the world carry.

You do not need to be Rh-Negative to come from an Rh- Blood line…like me. I am 1 of 11 kids and the only Rh- but my parents are both 1/2 breeds  as in they have a Rh- RECESSIVE blood factor. Some interesting info.

1.) The HLA-B27 genetic marker is said to be had by approx. 8% of the world’s population. Similarly Type O- blood is had by about 7% of the world. Both share traits that show their migration pattern through geographical location and ethnic background, nearly hand in hand.

2.) Rh- (- -) and Rh+ (+ +) people have different immune systems. Rh-Negative people have a stronger immune system response. Medical professional’s don’t even acknowledge people who are Rh (+ -) and the implications it may have on their individual immune system type.

3.) Copper and Inflammation – Copper in an important factor in the body’s immune response. It is said that Rh- people are more cooper based and Rh+ people are more iron based. Since Auto immune diseases like AS can cause inflammation, I believe copper levels should be looked at more seriously, especially in relationship to the natural levels for that persons specific blood type. If iron is taken so seriously with anemia, why not look at the connection to copper, inflammation and neuropathy that so many of us complain of.

4.) We process CO2 more efficiently.  (VN:  The Rh + has a CO2 channel they need to process the CO2 and we do not.  Remember 65% of us have RH neg genes, some even if you are designated as RH positive.)

5.) We have Vitamin and Mineral Absorption Issues. Especially Vitamin D, B12, B6 and sometimes K, as well as Iron, Zinc and Copper Influxes and Imbalances.

There are other clues I used to put my theory together. So far, I have proven it correct in my family. My mother’s doctors never tested her for HLA-B27 or auto immune until I approached them with this information. It was enough to make them take a look at it as a possibility and she was positive. My mother is HLA-B27+ and blood type O+, but she is really blood type OO+ – and to simplify it, her blood type becomes O+. So while she is Rh+…she is also Rh-. If this is not a true statement, she cannot be my mother.

I am type AO – - = Type A-

My hubby OO – + = Type O+

Kid 1 is AO – += Type A+

Kid 2 is OO – + = Type O+

I also believe that the disease manifests itself differently in symptom based on this theory, as it seems Rh- and Rh+ people show the predominance of certain issues and symptoms as a group. Meaning more Rh+ people have issues A,B,& C while Rh- people experience more of D, E, & F. I believe it would be much easier to see these trends with less confusion if there were 12 blood type classifications.

Rh-Positive Types: A+, B+, AB+ & O+

Rh-Negative Types: A-, B-. AB- & O-

Rh-Neutral Types: A+/-, B+/-, AB+/- & O+/-

Over time we’ve been given the almost unchanging statistics of:

15% are RH- and 85% are RH+

First of all, most people do not know their blood type…so where does this statistic come from???

Since we get one blood type and one blood factor from each parent – WE HAVE TWO.

If your 2 blood factors are — they call you RH-
If your 2 blood factors are ++ they call you RH+
If your 2 blood factors are +- they still call your RH+ and

You’d be a half breed  1/2 Rh+ and RH-. If Rh+ are built one way and Rh- are built a completely different way…What about the person in the middle – They RH+/-? They must be different as well. Our immune systems, transfer systems, oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, iron and copper levels and more!
I think the confusion in the body of the CHUCK Rh+/- creates a “dis-eased” condition.

I also think the stats have to be more like 15-20% Rh-, 25-30% RH+ and the rest 50-60% Rh+/-
Hope this helps you understand how I began down this road of research. My parents, siblings and kids are all CHUCKS….I am the only rare DUCK!

September 25th, 2010


Anonymous said...

All about Blood Types Erythrocytes, Leukocytes and Plasma.

Vatic Master said...

Thanks, anonymous, for that link. It was way over my head. LOL That is some pretty hard science there. Its great info for those who are in the biology, microbiology and genome sciences. I am a science hobbyist so it was way over my head. But thanks for providing it to my readers who might just understand it better than I have.

Anonymous said...

I have a blood group card to carry with me A2 Rhesus Negative my mother also had this blood group and I was told that the first born will probably have the same group?

Anonymous said...


Gabby Aberasturi said...

I believe your onto something...your theory rings true in to many ways. Please don't give up on your work. People like me, a single mom of 3, need you.

D3 Spirits said...

This theory sounds plausable, and like you I always wondered where these statistics come from and HOW OLD THEY ARE. When did all these stats get taken and how come they are not updated? Why is the blood type so simplified when you have a whole group of people who are RH negative recessive genes? That's an average of 50% of the population! I want to see more about this subject! Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Interesting stuff, I just want to put something out there...

In terms of dominant/recessive genes - RH- is recessive, to be RH- a person must be carrying two RH- genes. If they have one RH+ gene, they are RH+. Even if their second gene is RH- (should I be calling them alleles, rather than genes? Forgive me, I have read SO much stuff about this it's beginning to jumble in my head!). Put another way, if you have two genes for blue eyes, your eyes will be blue. If you have one for blue eyes and one for brown, your eyes will be brown. Because blue is recessive. Your eyes will not be blue/brown. Make sense?

I am only disputing the existence of a new RH group of +/-, NOT your very though-provoking idea of how having 'one of each' can affect your health. Thanks for sharing, this puts a new slant on my search for answers to my own health problems.

From a 'sensitive' RH- A ;-)

Kristine Williams said...

I have AB- and am also Rh-. I have a horrible autoimmune disease, Graves. I have been trying to find answers to get my health back for 3 years. I also quit producing any immunities so have to do an IV of Hyquvia once a month to receive others immunities. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Kris

Anonymous said...

I am A/B rh- and have AS! I carry the HLA B27 gene.
I also have autoimmune thyrioditis.
Defo on to something!
I'm going to start looking into this too.
Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

I am blood A/B rh- and carry the HLA-B27 gene! Have had AS for 20 years and also recently been diagnosed with autoimmune thyrioditis.
Your on to something!

Unknown said...

I don't fully understand how to check what exactly I am.

I am o negative.
My parents are both rh positive A and AB.

Melissa Kilgore said...

Same condition I have, same blood type ab-rh- I haven't been able to get help for my health yet other than radiation which has put me in a bed sick for years. Would like to talk with Kristine Williams

Anonymous said...

I believe you are onto domethinh huge. I am HLA B27, Rh+, with AS diagnosed. I often wondered if I was both because it felt like an internal war raging inside my body. Nobody told me that Rh- recessive was possible, but this definetly rang true and I have been testing the theory over the years.

Kay Howey Hickman said...

I have always been confused about what I am. Does anyone understand my blood? I am AB Subtype. I donate as positive, but I receive as negative. I am DU positive. When I had my first baby, with an A + man, I did not need the Rhogam shot because of the DU being positive. I had 3 children with the same man, and all of them are A +. I guess basically I do not understand if I am more positive or negative. I just don't get it.

Amy Lovett said...

I am Rh 0- blood type. I have rheumatoid arthritis. I recommend researching the causal links between eating / avoiding certain foods for your blood type.

Amy Lovett said...

I am rh 0- (and yes I have also had abduction experiences, and I have rheumatoid arthritis. I recommend researching the links between certain foods to eat / avoid for your blood type , and autoimmune disease.
Foods have substances known as lectins which act upon our specific blood type to cause various alterations in our body function such as:
Causing our blood cells to stick together
Trigger body-wide inflammation
Act as insulin by attaching to insulin receptors on cells which leads to weight gain
Trigger autoimmune attack
Trigger digestive system malfunction and pain
Creative intestinal damage leading to Leaky Gut Syndrome and as a result brain inflammation
Interrupt nerve signals in the body and alter levels of neurotransmitters and thus cause nerve and brain malfunction leading to ADD and even Alzheimers disease.
Create joint inflammation leading to various types of arthritis.
Alter hormonal levels and lead to thyroid malfunction